Daily Affirmations

Meaningful daily positive affirmations to start and end your day with.

Focus on what you want to expand and create for your future.  Start daily with a small, yet powerful step of vision and daily positive affirmations.

Your life and the universe will respond to your thoughts, whether you believe it or not.  Empower yourself and change your life with daily affirmation to start your day ahead.

I am ….. a powerful yet understated and underestimated word, that would change your life!

I am the master of my life!  I am ….



I am blessed,
Great people surround and become in my world,
We bless and grow together
Events happen because of me,
Great things manifested for me,
I am the master of my life! I am blessed!

Secret Law of Abundance

Recharge Yourself With Meditation

The fastest way to recharge yourself is with prayer and/or meditation.  Prayer is the conversation you have with GOD.  Meditation is a conversation you have with yourself.  Meditation helps you clear the bad energy within your body, mind and soul and helps enhance the positive energy within, when done properly.

It is good to meditate daily as you help your subconscious and conscious mind focus on building positive energy and thoughts for yourself and your day.

There are 7 chakras or energy points in the body,

1) Root Chakra – Base of your spine where the tailbone area, where focus point for improvement onto your survival instincts

2) Sacral Chakra – Below the navel, where focus pont is to improve your overall well being

3) Solar Plexus Chakra -Stomach area where focus point is on self worth and confidence

4) Heart Chakra – The heart where focus point is to focus on love and inner peace

5) Throat Chakra – The throat, where focus point is on communication and self expression

6) Third Eye Chakra – The forehead, where focus point is for intuition and wisdom

7) Crown Chakra – at the top of our head where our connection to our spiritual self

Focus on clearing the blockage of the energy points and re-energising them for vital energy for your body. mind and spirit.

There is God In The Secret Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is indeed a wonderful universal law.  The law that brings you the people and the things you want or long for in your life.  There are some people who do not believe in the law of attraction as they question if there is God in the secret law of attraction.

Personally, I have experience the attraction of people of same alliance and of same interests as I.  The universe brings people to you through the vibes and energy that you send through your thoughts and affirmation.

I was indeed pleasantly surprised when I encounter it the first time.  I have always love the internet world and is always amazed with how the search engines and organic manner of ranking work for websites.  I trust that there are loads and loads of unlimited money to be gained from the internet.  In view of my interest and passion, I start to attract people of the same interest and make them my alliance.  However, though all of them are very aware of the universal law of attraction, there are one or two of them rejects this believe of the attraction law as it seems to be a belief of no god in the universe.

Everyone has a belief or religion, regardless of what they are, I believe that the law of attraction works for you, whether or not you believe or want them to.  For me, I believe that there is a greater being, the God, who built the universe and the people and things around us.  I do not feel that the law of attraction clashes with the belief of religion in any way.

Law of attraction allows you to dream, attracts what you want by appreciating, asking, feeling, be in the position to receive and give back when possible.  There is of course an added avantage for those of you who feel that there is a need to pray before every quest.   I do pray too.  And I believe God always want what is good for me, however my action and feelings will bring to me what befalls and what is happening to me.

I always want the best for me and my family.  So, I always think, welcome and pray for good things and good people to come into our lives.  However, there are times when events or people irks me and that is when I feel very upset and may at times spend too much time thinking of the unhappy incidents that befall me and then, churning out more feelings of these negative events in my life.

I always need to periodically remind myself of the good things that my family and I are receiving and the good people who come into our lives and who are surrounding us and I always thank god for these, showing my gratitude and appreciation, thanking God, and creating more positive vibes and want to attract similar positive events and people to come into our lives.

Good things churn out better things.  Good people churn out better community.  And to that, I am always grateful and thankful.  I feel blessed and thank God for all these positive events and people.  And believe it or not, more of these always take place in my family and my life.  This is the amazing and wonderful law of abundance attraction.

Expression of Gratitude

My greatest expression of gratitude to all my loyal fans who have continuously following my blogs. It has been an amazing time reading and accepting your feedback and gratitude messages. I have been receiving tens of thousand of feedback and positive feedback and expressions of gratitude from so many of you that I am not able to share your feedback on my site. In view of the overwhelming responses, I would like to take this opportunity to personally express my love and gratitude to all of you.

I really appreciate the gratitude messages as you have all taken time to read and write to express your gratitude on the creation and contribution in Secret Law Of Abundance.  Thank you for showing gratitude to Secret Law Of Abundance, my dear friends.

It has been an amazing journey where I am blessed with so much love and gratitude.  Also thanks for your gratitude stories, my friends.


My greatest expression of gratitude to all my loyal fans who have continuously following my blogs. It has been an amazing time reading and accepting your feedback and gratitude messages. I have been receiving tens of thousand of feedback and positive feedback and expressions of gratitude from so many of you that I am not able to share your feedback on my site.

Be Positive To Achieving Your Dreams And Goals

Be positive and work on achieving your dreams and goals. Always have a positive mindset and work towards your goals. It is not always easy, but your attitude will channel you to the right path and way.

Always equip yourself with good thoughts and in addition, search for more information and skills that will help you reach your dreams and goals. Go for it!

law of abundance

law of abundance

It is always great for you to surround your self with the people of the same mind sets. Achieving your goals and dreams come easy when you have people to work with you along the way. It is an amazing assets to have, in addition to your dreams and goals.

Cheers to Law of Abundance

Cheers to the law of abundance


The Secret Law of Abundance can be achieved through your first step of giving thanks for the things you have now or the great or nice people around you. Giving thanks and showing appreciation on the things you now own is the first simple step that everyone who wants to achieve abundance lifestyle must take. It is a simple tasks and yet many of us do not know how to show appreciation for the blessings that we currently enjoy. In Thailand, it is known as celebrated as “wai kru” day where students wai or kneel to show appreciation to their teachers. By giving gratitude, you are embracing a positive position, calling to you a higher level of concentration of positive energy. Daily gratitude reduces tension and stress and improve your mental and physical health and increase your enthusiastic to life. When you give thanks, your body, mind and spirit give out positive energy which you can use to channel your co-creation gift to create and design your life to achieve your goals and dreams.

Yes, give thanks today, give thanks. Remember, your love and gratitude can move mountains. Be in alignment with the universe when you give thanks to the things you now have. Yes, gratitude is one of the most powerful tool in the secret law of abundance. Remember that positive energy creates and pulls positive strength towards you.

I want to give thanks for all the blessings that have been showered to me. The universal law of attraction has thus far been kind to bring and channel to me kindness, greatness, good stuff around my life. In giving thanks to the things and people I now have, I continue to give thanks to the universe and God for the many good things and people that will come my way! Life is great, give thanks today. Give thanks today!