What Is Karma?

The general meaning of karma is good or bad luck resulting from someone’s past action.  In Buddhism and Hinduism, is the fate that befalls the person base on the total action of a person’s past actions in this and/or previous states of existence.

Have you ever been told, that if you were to do bad to person A, you will receive your karma and another person would eventually treat you the same way you did person A?

Pretty ironic, dont you think?  So, does it mean that person A has done some bad to receive the treatment that he or she is receiving now? So, is this really karma?

So, What Is The Real Meaning of Karma?

Do you know that karma was created by the past generation to frighten the newer generation to do the things that they wanted the newer generation to carry out?

The real meaning behind karma is actually the power of your mind.  The events and things that are unfolding before your eyes are actually what you have painted on your mind.  The event had been pre-created by your subconscious mind, at times with the influence of what you have seen or learn throughout your current life.

Powerful Mind Is Behind Karma

Yes, your powerful mind is the tool that has been creating your future and at times, karma gets the blame.  In actual fact, all the events and things that befall you are already pre-destined as you have painted it way before it happens.

So, in order to ensure great karma to your future, start believing in your self and the strong power of your mind.  Use your powerful mind to create good events and things for you and your family.

Remember that you are blessed and only you alone can change the situation of your life, when you believe in yourself and your powerful mind.

Your thoughts will change your world of tomorrow.  Start instilling strong, positive events and people in your life.

Of course, it is always good to do good and kindness to fellow human being as we are all one.  So, start spreading love and kindness and good karma would definitely come your way.  Because what you do or thinketh daily will be a part of your life and your future.

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