Colton Burpo, Heaven Is For Real

Colton Burpo, The Boy Who Went To Heaven

Colton Burpo, the 5-year old son of Pastor Todd and Sonja Burpo who was in coma, who nearly died but recovered and came back with amazing information about his meeting with Jesus, his grandfather and his deceased, unborn sister whom he met in a place he called heaven.

The Movie, Heaven Is For Real

His inspiring near death experience (NDE) was published in a book, and a movie depicting his story also known as Heaven Is For Real was released.

Colton’s story was made into a movie and was released on April 2014. The movie was directed by Randall Wallace. Heaven is For Real – DVD/UltraViolet version was released on July 2014.

Have you read or seen the inspiring movie?

The Burpo’s And His Experience

The community in their town was not able to accept the story of how Colton was able to go to heaven and come back and placed pressure onto Pastor Todd.

Though a man of God, Todd too had difficulty believing his son’s experience until the reality of his son’s story hit him and his wife who was shocked that Colton knew and spoke about the sister he had never met or knew about before his near death experience.

His story also brought light to the indigo kid who was artistic and drew Jesus, whom Colton recognized as the Jesus he met during his heaven experience.

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