Morning Intention & Meditation

Set your morning intention and meditate at the start of your morning for a fulfilling and enriching day.

Setting your mind, body and soul to align to achieve what you want to achieve for the day.  It is always important to start your day knowing what and why you want to achieve the things that you have set yo to do.

Achievement is easier to be achieved when you have aligned yourself in body, mind and spirit to achieve what you want for the day.  Inner alignment and communication is vital for the smooth sailing of your day towards what you want to do for the day.

Bless yourself first in the morning by telling yourself what you want to achieve for the day and why you want to achieve them.

Tell yourself and pass it on to the universe for it to help you move the universe towards the achievement you want to achieve.

abundance law

Law of abundance

Ask, believe and it shall be given to you.  The universe works with you when you ask and believe and be prepared to receive.  Let your intentions set the energy of your day today.

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