Louise Hay

Who is Louise Hay?

Louise Hay was born on 8 Oct 1926.  She is the founder of Hay House Publishing which was set up in 1984. She passed away on 30 August 2017, the same date Wayne Dyer passed on.  Hay House Publishing publishes books, audios, podcasts and dvds for renowned speakers like Dr Wayne Dyer.  She also founded a charitable organization, called the Hay Foundation in 1985.

Louise is well known for her book published in 1984, You Can Heal Your Life, which sold more than 50 million copies. She is also known for her daily affirmations  and I Can Do It Spirit.

Powerful thoughts are created by positive affirmationPowerful Thoughts in Card Forms(Box Set) designed by Louise Hay.

Born to a poor mother and violent step father, Louise was abused during her younger days.  She was raped when she was 5 years old, at 15 years old, she dropped out of high school and became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, whom she gave up for adoption.

She were able to find the courage to forgive those who wronged her during her childhood time and bounced back to live a very inspirational life and inspired many who were low in spirit and sick.

The Teachings’ of Louise Hay

She joined the First Church of Religious Science after her divorce to a man she was married for more than 14 years.  She learnt the power of thoughts and transformation through their teachings.   She was a Religious Science Practitioner, and taught how positive thinking could change the future and heal the body.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1978, but was healed after her encounters of forgiving those who wronged her and her positive thoughts and some nutrition and therapy.  She believes that you can heal your body, when you start to forgive those who have wronged you and start loving yourself.

The Works’ of Louise Hay

In 2008, the story of her life was made a movie called, You Can Heal Your Life.  Louise has a list of international bestselling books like.

Among her popular books are:

  • You Can Heal Your Heart
  • You Can Create An Exceptional Life
  • All is Well
  • Love Your Body
  • Embracing Change
  • The Essential Louise Hay Collections

Louise also published childrens’ books like:

  • I Think, I Am.
  • The Adventures of Lulu.

She works with people of all stages of life and has a huge base of followers.  She walks her talks and shares with us her transformation and her continuous passion to improve herself regardless of age or circumstances.

In 2014, Louis Hay celebrated her 88th birthday.  She lives in the basics of life, forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love and humor and use daily affirmations to make wonderful things possible in her life. On this birthday, she is also launching a new book with two health and wellness practitioners, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane.  The guide book is called, Loing Yourself to Great Health- Thoughts & Food – The Ultimate Diet.

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