The Law of Attraction Attracts

The Law of Attraction attracts people of same mission or goals together.  Yes, it does and it happens in a wonderful and unexpected ways.  I believe in how the law of the universe works for all people, regardless of whether one believe in this powerful law.

I know from experience that the law of attraction works wonders and I have encountered the attraction law first hand many times.  Many, many times, some happens with conscious effort.  Some happened without you realising them.

My goal for 2011 and 2012 was to achieve a monetary return of $1.2M!  I have wrote many cheques to myself which I have not “bank in”.  Yes, I am waiting for the right time to bank in the cheque.

While finding ways on how I can do so, I search online for hints and I chance upon a company which I joined.  Interestingly, the company and its company owner is a firm believer of the law of attraction!!!  He lives, preach and breath passion of the law of attraction.  AMAZING LAW!!

And…. hear this…. his aim for the company this year is to hit $1.2M dollar!  The universal allows one to attract same minded alliance to work together to achieve their goals.  In no time, you see magic with the effort of both same goal individuals!  Attract abundance to your life today.