The Secret Law of Abundance can be achieved through your first step of giving thanks for the things you have now or the great or nice people around you. Giving thanks and showing appreciation on the things you now own is the first simple step that everyone who wants to achieve abundance lifestyle must take. It is a simple tasks and yet many of us do not know how to show appreciation for the blessings that we currently enjoy. In Thailand, it is known as celebrated as “wai kru” day where students wai or kneel to show appreciation to their teachers. By giving gratitude, you are embracing a positive position, calling to you a higher level of concentration of positive energy. Daily gratitude reduces tension and stress and improve your mental and physical health and increase your enthusiastic to life. When you give thanks, your body, mind and spirit give out positive energy which you can use to channel your co-creation gift to create and design your life to achieve your goals and dreams.

Yes, give thanks today, give thanks. Remember, your love and gratitude can move mountains. Be in alignment with the universe when you give thanks to the things you now have. Yes, gratitude is one of the most powerful tool in the secret law of abundance. Remember that positive energy creates and pulls positive strength towards you.

I want to give thanks for all the blessings that have been showered to me. The universal law of attraction has thus far been kind to bring and channel to me kindness, greatness, good stuff around my life. In giving thanks to the things and people I now have, I continue to give thanks to the universe and God for the many good things and people that will come my way! Life is great, give thanks today. Give thanks today!