Blessings is also known as God’s favour and protection.  To bless someone is to give happiness or well-being wishes to the other person.

So, how do one differentiate a blessed life from one that is not?  Is blessing a gift from God only to the selected few or is blessing given to all lives on earth?


If you are aware of the verse “I AM. That, I AM”, it clearly indicates that there is GOD in each and every one of us.  To be blessed, all you need to do is to first feel blessed and grateful for the current situation you are in and bless yourself to a better and newer situation.

How Does GOD Choose Who To Bless?

Sometimes, we blame GOD for the things that are ours to partake.  Remember, GOD has given his blessings to all of us, when we were first created.  GOD does not forsake some and bless others.  Remember that you have to feel blessed to be blessed and to live a blessed life.  All you need to know is to remember that and to use blessings to your advantage.

Start Blessing with Gratitude

Gratitude is a good starting point for one to give thanks and grateful for the condition that they are in to move towards a better tomorrow.

Be grateful for the food you have.  Be grateful for the people around you.  Be grateful for the great environment and safety and love of your community.  Blessing your food, the people around you and the environment and condition surrounds you will help you create a much better situation for you and your loved ones.

Blessing Is In Everything, Blessing Is Everywhere, Blessing is in Everyone

Always feel blessed in whatever you do, bless your work, bless everything that you partake in and you will eventually see success and much success to unfold before your eyes.

Curse your work and more bad things will unfold before your eyes.

Use Blessing Wisely and Be Abundantly Blessed

We have been given the power of blessing ourselves and our situations and things that surround us and yet many of us have forgotten about the hidden power that is hidden within ourselves.

Like blessings, you can send good karma your way.  They are all within your control and power.

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