The Law Of Attraction Affirmations

The universal law of attraction as we now know it is the strongest universal law that helps us create the events and things that we want with our powerful mind.  We can all use the law of attraction for affirmation.

Attract the Things, Events and People with Attraction Affirmations

The law of attraction affirmation works wonders for those who believe and uses it daily to attract the things, events and people to help them build and design their lives, making their dreams come true.

Many of us have forgotten the universal power that was given to us when we were born as we continue to be splashed with the beliefs of the people around us who tend to forget about the law when they are faced with problems and difficulties that they cannot overcome or resolved.

I AM, That I AM Affirmation

Sure, there are a number of us who still believe that praying is a form of speaking to God asking God to show us the light and way before us.  There are many of us who do not believe that we are God, and God is within us.  Just like a quote from the bible on the strong phrase of “I AM, That I AM”.

“I AM, That I AM” tells us that we are what we thinketh and we are what we feel.  Once you are aware of the special power within you, only then will you be able to use it to attract the things and events that you want.

The law of attraction affirmation reminds us that we can achieve what we want when we put our mind, thoughts and words into it.  Transforming your dreams is easy when you are fully aware of the power of the law of attraction.

Embrace the Law like the Inspirational People

That is why many gurus believe that it is important to first love yourself before loving others.  Remember, I AM, that I AM.   And when you love yourself, you will attract many good things to your life that affirms your power and love within.

In fact, many motivational gurus and inspirational gurus have shown us how they have successfully used the power of the law of attraction affirmation to build a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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