The Secret to Health Abundance

The Secret to Health Abundance is clearly defined by the song “The Power of Love“. Love is what changes one from unhealthy, feeling weak, feeling sick to a body, mind and spirit to a world of great wellness when we overcome them with love.

The Secret Begins and Ends with LOVE

Love yourself, love God, love health, love good health, love alertness, love excitement, love joy, love abundance, love gifts, love feeling great and being great. These are some of the simple things that you should do to always be in the pink of health.

Your Body Listens To You

Your body works for you. Whatever you believe and want your body to work for you, is totally up to you. Whatever you think, feel and want for your body, you tell your body.  Your body listens to you and what your mind tells it to.

Communication Is KEY

When you are feeling down, you do not tell your body, “Oh, I am going to be sick.” cause when you do that, your body will hear you and work to towards committing and fulfilling what you told it to.

After discovering the great tool of this universal law of attraction,  you can say goodbye to the condition that you do not want your body to experience.  Knowing that you are in control of your body and using that control is a powerful method to prevent unnecessary pain and sickness in your body.

Be In Control

There are times when you allow unhealthy thoughts into your mind.  The time when you seem to be giving your body the excuse to be weak.  Times when you feel that you are coming down with flu, for example.  Do you tell yourself, “Oh No, I am going to have flu?  It must be the weather” or do you  realize that you are allowing your subconscious mind to give your body excuses to be weak, and stop that unhealthy thought.  Why would you even allow weather or the environment to attack the healthy condition of your body?  Remember, you are the God of your body, you control how you feel, use that control to feel well.

Love Your Body

You must love your body and all the organs and cells within your body. Make sure that you always tell your body positive messages to ensure that your feeling of being in great shape and good is being strictly followed. When you think positive, your body will too. When you think “I feel great”, “I feel fantastic”, your body, mind and spirit will obey. You must ensure that you continuously feed positive thoughts and action to your body to maintain this great being. The impact of love and the universal law of attraction is very strong and can be used to help you achieve high level of energy and health.

You must know how to use the law of attraction to attract the healthy abundance life into your own life. When you use the law of attraction well, when you know how to use your mind, spirit and body to attract good things and good feelings to you, you have all the tools and prescriptions of greatness of being in you. It is so easy and yet so difficult for many to believe and use this tool. Yes, you are right, if everyone knows, believe and use this law of attraction, doctors, specialists and surgeons will be out of business. You are now exposed to the truth and the miraculous things that you can do and achieve with your positive subconscious mind, take charge, be in control of your power. To be well and feel great you have to first think that you are well and you are great. Your thoughts are the strongest tools of the universal law.

Remember, you are blessed with the power of love, use it with this great universal law of attraction to attract the abundance great health that your body, mind and spirit rightfully deserved.

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