The Secret to Love Abundance

I am blessed and loved, I dance in life with love abundance. I am grateful and thankful that I am surrounded with love abundance in my family and friends. Love is the most powerful tool in the secret law of attraction. Love attracts love and so many positive and nice feelings and things. Love is caring, kindness and willing to go the extra mile and pain to overcome any barriers that come to you in life.

Have you ever felt that your world is breaking apart when you fail your loved ones? How you wanted to provide so much more and ended up losing so much in return for attempting to try. Trying is no longer an option when you see how your inconsiderate action has made the family suffer. You feel that it is the end of the world and your world is tumbling before your very eyes. Your heart is numb with pain for the agony you caused the family. It is beyond words, it is beyond repair. Dying seems a safer option than living and breathing pain and disappointment. Living has no meaning anymore. When incident like this happen to you, only love, trust me, only love could turn you around and turn you back to the feeling of abundance. Remember that power of thought is the power you have complete control of, but with love, it supercharge your recovery and make you stronger every time you pick yourself up to charge for abundance yet again. Love aids you to turn the unpleasant results of your failures and defeats. With love abundance, it will help you turn all these unpleasant thoughts of failures into priceless value of assets of abundance.

Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or bigger benefit. Love that you receive and give can turn the negative thoughts and feelings from your defeats into power of adversities and to take possession of your mind to use the mind power to attain the riches of life. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the gift of love, the gift of love from my family, my loved ones. Love that they have showered me to protect me from the evil negative thoughts of destruction. Power of love that they have shared with me to overcome the pain that I have caused myself and my loved ones. When love wins, you win. I celebrate love and my loved ones for their continuous support, care and kindness whenever I am defeated by my negative thoughts and action. I shall learn and overturn all negative thoughts and actions to a powerful opportunities to attain riches for my family and loved ones.

For those of you out there who are despaired by negative thoughts and events, I hope and pray for you to attain and receive the gift of love from people around you. Love overcome barriers for you in life. Love makes you stronger with every blow you receive in love. I am very blessed and fortunate to be surrounded with love and I pray the same for you and your loved ones too. When you are lost and in need of love, pray. Regardless of your religion or race, I believe that the power of love will come to you to surround and re-energise you to continuously receive abundance.

Remember when you believe, create and focus on positive thoughts, positive and great things will happen to you. Create abundance of love with your subconscious mind to power boost you to achieve and attain the abundance you rightfully deserve in life.


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