The Secret of Attraction through Dream Meditation Audio

The secret of attraction  through dream meditation audio is powerful to remind us of the powerful secret of the law of the universe. You can play the dream meditation audio daily to help you achieve the power within when required.

During my journey to unleash the power of the secret law of attraction, I notice that one of many positive actions that helped me propel forward was to list down my positive thoughts.  Recording them in an audio allows me to play and listen to my positive thoughts and words over and over again for about twice a day, daily for about 30 days.

Audio Meditation Sales available if you plan to purchase, however, I will recommend that you first record and listen to your own audio confirmation.

I will play and listen to my meditation audio to enable me to soothe myself into the positive alignment with my spiritual being.  Listening to your own affirmative words will allow you to flow into the positive position and effective abundance creation mood.

There are days, when you need a friendly nudge to move you back to your abundance of love alignment with your self and the universe.  This is when the meditation audio would come in handy.  As you play the audio, it gives you an assurance and reminder of your true abundance self and nature.  It is important to ensure that you are in a great mood from the beginning of your day to enjoy the good things the new day has to offer you.

I have prepared 3 dream meditation audios, each approximately 2 minutes long.  These are the words whispered onto the dream meditation audio.  These are the dream meditation audio I have prepared and diligently listen to to move me towards abundance.

For love,

Thank you for the greatest universal gift of abundance. Thank you for bringing me into this world of abundance. I am so blessed, so blessed with a good heart, a good mind, a good spirit in a good and healthy body. I believe in the great law of attraction that has always been working for me based on my thoughts, using my subconscious mind.  It all starts with gratitude.

I ask for a wonderful and beautiful world. I want abundance of love, care and kindness to be in my family.  And I receive abundance of love, care and kindness in my family.  We love each other in abundance.  We care, we protect and we have quality time, sharing and learning from each other all the time. I feel so blessed and so grateful with love within me, love within my family and friends. Thank you for the unending shower of love and care. I continue to enjoy the gift of abundance of love that the universe continues to offer my family, friends and I. I am so happy and feel so much love and gratitude within me. Thank you.

For health, I am so grateful and happy for the gift of my good health. I am so blessed, so blessed with a strong, healthy heart, a strong and powerful spirit, mind and a healthy body. I feel fresh and full of enthusiasm for life, for life of abundance. I am always in great well being of fantastic health, alert and joyful.

I thank the universe for great health abundance and I ask for continuous shower of great health within me, within my body, mind and soul.  I feel so good to be blessed with this great heart, spirit, mind and body. I live life to the fullest for many, many, many years. I live life blessed quality life, to the fullest always. I feel so blessed and so loved, with the gift of great health, within me.

Thank you for the continuous shower of great health and love. I am so grateful and joyful to be in such pink of health always. Thank you.

For wealth, The secret life of abundance is within me. I make it happen through the powerful universal law of attraction that allows me to get what I need and what I want. I am so grateful and happy to be receiving the gift of wealth abundance. It is a wonderful, wonderful world to live in, where I give thanks, I believe, I ask, I feel good and I always receive. Receive unending streams of wealth, money, lots and lots of money.

I now have multiple streams of income, streams of income to fuel my abundance and happy lifestyle, where I enjoy quality time with my family, friends, business associates and the lovely people around me.

I now ask for continuous blessings of wealth abundance. I feel so blessed and grateful for the magnificent gift of this wonderful wealth abundance. I live in harmony and love with my family and friends with this fantastic gift of wealth. Gift of wealth in abundance always here for me.  Thank you God, thank you universe for such a beautiful gift always.

I am so loved, so healthy and so wealthy.  I asked and it is always given.  I asked and I always see the realization of my requests.  The universe listen to my shouts of appreciation and joy of abundance love, health and wealth and the universe echo them back to me with the visualisation and actualization for me.

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