Thoughts on Abundance Formation

Thoughts on abundance formation will help us achieve our dreams and goals through consistent message, inner thoughts, faith, our strong desire, visualisation and meditation and faith for abundance.

New thoughts that must be consciously followed, reminded, re-trained again and again until it forms into our subconscious mind, creating a habitforce through consistent visualisation and meditation.

Basically, we can achieve greatness and wealth through this great gift of the universal law of attraction in our attitude and desires, adopting the principles of the Science of Getting Rich in our lives.

Our desires to achieve our dreams and goals When our desire and goals are strong enough to urge us to move in a new direction of habits. Desires so strong that make us want the change so badly, we can apply the law of attraction re-direct our thoughts to new sets of thoughts that can help us achieve our dreams and goals.

When we have a great desire to achieve our dreams and goals, faith of believing that we can achieve them are equally important. At sometime in our journey to achieving abundance in our life, our faith will be weak when challenges met. We need to have faith in ourselves, faith that we can use the gift of law of attraction to help us achieve our dreams and goals and re-shape and re-define our life.

Action Speaks Louder than words
Yes, we have heard this phrase so often that it means nothing to us no more. Indeed, to achieve our dreams through applying the law of attraction, desire, thoughts, faith and action must be aligned and strictly followed. We need to follow up and show ourself how determined we are to change our habits through our actions to do so. We cannot be wanting to be wealthy, dream of being wealthy, think of being wealthy, have faith that we are going to be wealthy and do nothing about it. We have to follow the stream of the law of attraction to act upon it to attract the wealth that we have always wanted.

And of course meditation or visualisation of achieving the dreams and goals will re-iterate and re-inforce our desires, thoughts, faith and action towards achieving the dreams and goals of our lifes, to help us prevent from following any sets of habitforce that put us in our current position and new sets of habitforce that will help us and move us smoothly and positively towards our dreams and goals.

If you are not in the position and situation that you want to achieve in your lives now, I would love for you to journey with me to move towards the life of abundance and happiness. Together, using the secret law of attraction and applying the law of attraction in our lives positively to achieve our dreams and goals. We may falter or lose faith along the way, but, together we will be strong to change and form new sets of positive habitforce that will lead us to abundance and achievements.

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