The Secret Law Of Abundance

The secret law of abundance through these channels.

Not neccessarily in merit order.

Gratitude towards the achievement of the secret law of abundance.

Start your day with gratitude, give thanks for all the blessings and good things and good people around you.  Give thanks for all the great events and great people who you encounter along your way towards your continuos growth mentally, physically and spiritually.

Give gratitude and apprecation towards what are to come upon you, all blessings, lessons and experience that you will encounter towards achieving your abundance self in all aspects of life, in mind, physical and spiritual.

Be in the mind of gratitude and receiving of all the good events, things, experience and people who will come your way.

Positive thoughts become positive events and experience towards growth.

Be in the moment.  Positive thoughts leads to positive events, experience and encounters leading to your own growth.  What you thinketh of you become, so think well, think abundance and think positive.  For every events, experience and encounters will eventually lead you to your eventual and ultimate growth.

Positivity will open up a brighter and happier route for you towards your ever lasting growth.

The universal law of attraction has clearly explained that what you think of you become.

You attract what you think of and become. The subconscious mind is a very strong element of your body, mind and soul that will help you shape and bring forth your experiences, events and people in your life.

Likes attract likes are all about the thoughts of your subsconcious mind which makes up your past experience and feelings towards particular events of your life. Dive into your subsconscious mind through meditation, prayers and hypnosis to help you alter them for future events.

Meditation helps you to re-focus your body, mind and spirit to clearer position of your thoughts.

With simply an hour or less of meditation at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day will help you re-focus your thoughts, body, mind and spirit to receiving mode. Readiness to move forward with clear, positive mind and spirit.

Meditation can also help you re-focus your body, mind and spirit for better health and wealth to position readiness to accept what comes. And again to remember that what comes will help lead you to a better tomorrow.

These are the simple positions and mind focus towards the powerful secret law of abundance. The secret law of abundance to great health, wealth, happiness and relationship. Discover the secrets of abundance when you embody and empower yourself with gratitude, your positive mind, be in the moment of receiving and relaxed with the act of prayer, thoughts and meditation.

Channel the power of the universal power of the universe to help you with your growth and journey to the abundance of great health, wealth, happiness and relationship in your life.

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