Crystal Healing Meditation

Meditate for the positive health with Crystal Healing Meditation.  Meditation is the effective methodolody to improve your overall being through proper breathing and focusing of self to clear any unwanted negative energies within the body.  Meditation in general helps us to relax our body, mind and spirit, relaxing our breathing and clearing any unwanted thoughts or clearing thoughts that affect stress in our being.   Everyone can and should meditate to keep in touch with their own inner body and higher self.

Crystal are known as great energy transmitters and are good complementary elements to help one to deepen and enhance the awareness and consciousness through meditation.  The energy transmitted from the crystals crystalizes and enhances the meditation sessions.  Crystal energy plus meditation also helps with healing the body, mind and soul.

Chakra Meditation

There are 7 main chakras in our body and the crystal healing meditation uses the balancing and energisastion of these 7 chakras.  The different types and functions of chakras and colour of the meditation is enhanced through the crystal stones during the meditation.

The combination of the crystal and meditation helps improve the overall being of the body, mind and soul.

Crystal Meditation Technique

Crystals are being used with this chakra meditation to clean the energy centers of the body.  Specific coloured crystal are used for the different chakra or center energy for the body. Meditation helps clear negative energy enhancing the healthy well being of the body, reducing and slowly eliminating feelings of depression, unecesssary stresses and bad habits that are bad for the body.

It only takes 10 minutes or less to complete a crystal healing meditation session.  Discover how you can join our crystal healing meditation today.

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