Akashic Record

Akashic Record is about accessing the bible of “YOU”!

This is the Book of Life, record of your past, thoughts and intent and the possibilities of your future.

Whenever you have a heightened feeling of fondness, attraction, envy, hatred or other strong feeling when you see a person for the first time, we are accessing our akashic records of the experience and feelings from the past, usually past life, if you have never met the person in this life.

Some people, some places and smell can bring back emotion or feeling from the past.  The same dejavu feelings can be felt when going to a familiar place that you have never been or the smell that brings back certain emotion from the past.

Accessing the record of your past and future are now available through these akashic records or akasha.  There are some people who are trained to access these records through their spirit guides to discover things that can be improved.

The records change as you make your choices in current time, what you choose today would affect your future akashic record.  All these changes can be made as all of us have free will and we use them to choose the different options we have  in life.

Our fate are not really cast in rocks and stones, all the options are made available to you and you use the free will given to you to choose your path, among the many options and path that you have set forth for yourself.

Sometimes, accessing your own akashic records are not only to help you discover things about your past, you also have an option to make peace or clean the karmic agreement or contract that you have or had in the records by cleaning the energy around the event.  Accessing some of these records help you clear certain karmic relationship or pain by clearing the energy surrounds them.

To access your own records, this opening prayer can be recited to open the records to be made available to you.

Dear Lord ( God/Higher Being – or higher being that you believe)

And so we do acknowledge the forces of lights
Asking for guidance, direction and courage to know the truth
And it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us

Oh Holy Spirit of God
Protect me from all forms of self centeredness
And direct my attention to the work at hand

Help me to know ( myself – your full name at birth)/ (name of the person to be read) in the light of the akashic records (2x)
To see ( myself – our full name at birth) / (name of the person to be read) through the eyes of the Lords of the Records

And enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that the masters, teachers and loved ones of (me/first name of the person to be read) have for (me/her/him)

The records are now open

-Ask the questions that you want to know

Once records or information are obtained, use them wisely and compassionately…

Closing Prayer to close the akashic records must be done after each session has ended..

I would like to thnak the masters, teachers and loved ones for their love and compassion
I would like to thank the Lords of the akashic records for their point of view
And I would like to thank the holy spirit of light for all the knowledge and healing

The records are now closed. Amen
The records are now closed. Amen
The records are now closed. Amen

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