What is Meditation?

Meditation is relaxing the state of mind to help keep our body, mind and soul healthy. Meditation is one of the earliest practice for healing and achieve higher consciousness awareness.

Meditation allows us to the quiet time away from our busy schedule.  Meditation brings us to a state of mind that allows us to connect with our inner self. 

There are many types of meditation techniques with some influence from the Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.  You do not need to be in any of this religion to benefit from the exercises of meditation.  

Types of Meditation

There are several types of meditation techniques to help you relax your mind and build mental focus on your subconscious mind and soul.

1. Chakra Meditation
2. OM Meditation
3. Guided Meditation
4. Mindfulness Meditation
5. Psychic Meditation
6. Healing Meditation
7. Transcendental Meditation
8. Spiritual Science Meditation
9. Relaxation Meditation
10. Shine Meditation or Samadi
11. Heart Centered Meditation
12. 7 Minutes Meditation
13. Vipassana Meditation

Applications of Meditation:

• Meditation was originally used for religious purpose
• Western influenced, was used for counselling and psychotherapy sessions.
• Many people are beginning to realize the benefit of meditation for physical and mental relaxation and heighten consciousness awareness
• Relaxation techniques are also used with other clinical solutions for relief of pain.

Meditation, hypnosis and biofeedback-induced relaxation are a few of the techniques used with relaxation training. Meditation helps relax the mind, body and soul and offer inner peace which leads to better physical, spiritual and mindfulness of the soul.

The types of meditation and effectiveness of the different methods work differently for people, usually highly influenced by their self-belief,  state of mind and focus of awareness.

Recommended method to choose your meditation:
1) Keep an open mind
2) Know the basic information of the meditation
3) Find out if these can have any meaning for you in any particular way
4) Practice the meditation for about a week
5) Know and feel if you have a natural affinity to the meditation

Recommended Steps to Practice Meditation:

Step 1
Make yourself comfortable, either sitting upright on a chair or lying down on your back.
Step 2
Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, observing the rhythm of your breath. You may close your eyes, or keep them open.
Step 3
Sitting still, or lying down observe the gentle rhythm of your breath. Focus your attention on your breath, inhaling the energy of the universe and exhaling the toxic or any unwanted from your body, mind and spirit. Feel, observe and accept whatever you experience.
Step 4
After meditation, allow awareness of your surroundings. Return your attention to your immediate surrounding and resume your daily activities with positive and problems cleared mind, body and soul.
Step 5
After the meditation, it is good to take a few minutes to reflect and visualise after the meditation. Paint the destiny you want ahead of you and bring this visualisation into the next day’s meditation.

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