Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis Therapy is one of the most powerful and long lasting therapy to heal physical, mental and emotional pain.  Hypnosis Therapy or also commonly known as hypnotherapy helps many people achieve the health and success that they seek.

Discover how hypnotherapy can help you change and transform your health, success and overall well-being.

Hypnosis therapy offers one to:

  • Gain insights in your abilities to take charge of your future
  • Gain insights to understand your abilities in a deeper level
  • Discover and correct negative beliefs that shaped your present life decisions
  • Release old habits and phobias
  • Increase clarity of positive thoughts
  • Deepen intuition and inner peace
  • Reduce anxiety, tension and stress in your daily life
  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence and optimism about life
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Reduce physical illness
  • Heal your own body, mind and soul
  • And many more …

Subconscious Mind

Your Subconscious mind is much more powerful than you think it is.  Re-wire the programming of your mind, look within your body and soul to help you improve your positive outlook and outcome of your life today.

According to a survey by Alfred A. Barrios ( Source: American Health Magazine), the following recovery rates were revealed:

93% recovery after 6 sessions
72% recovery after 22 sessions
38% recovery after 600 sessions


Hypnotherapy helps with pain management, anxiety, panic attack, depression, fears & phobias, weight management, drug abuse, bad habits, fear of public speaking, anger issues, abuse issues, alcohol abuse, birthing hypnotherapy, stop smoking, low self esteem, lack of self confidence, insomnia, grief and loss and many  more.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is when one puts themselves into trance or relaxed state of mind, allowing their subconscious mind to be altered by the power of suggestions and repetition.

One can use self-hypnosis to treat a variety of ailments and conditions, including anxiety and depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and others. When this form of treatment is repeated frequently, it can also be used to help break habits, such as smoking, drinking, or overeating, and as a form of pain management, including before surgeries and during childbirth.

Self-hypnosis works best when repeated daily, at about the same time, same place, preferably, for at least 21 days to see significant results. Get free hypnosis audio.

Learn more about hypnosis online for free

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The Truth Behind Hypnosis

Discover the truth behind hypnosis and how it works. Learn how to take control of your own behaviours and influence others with simple truth on hypnosis.

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