The OM Meditation

What is OM or AUM Mantra Meditation?

OM or AUM mantra meditation is one of the most advanced spiritual meditation. Chanting the AUM mantra gives the body, mind and spirit the unique alignment with the higher self.

What is AUM?

AUM is one of the most powerful and well known mantra chanting of sacred sound. The AUM word is repeated aloud or quietly in the mind to help concentration in mediation or prayer. This symbol and audible sound represent the vibration that many religious scriptures teach about beginning of time.

The sound of the beginning of creation, AUM, the vibration that created and manifested life out of nothingness. The Buddhism monks and teachers consider using the AUM mantra as one of the most advanced spiritual practices.

How is the OM Mantra performed?

The AUM or OM Mantra is usually performed with spoken word, thought or silent intention. The mantra harmonize the layers of a person, leading one to higher state of energy and consciousness. There are many several different method and practice of AUM Mantra Meditations. Self-guided AUM Mantra meditation are available in CDs and books.

Recordings of mantra chanting, relaxing music, and the sounds of Tibetan bells are used to create a deep healing environment for repeated use to help you build your meditation skills.

What is AUM

The power of the energy of this AUM sound is believed to be the forces of creation, maintenance and destruction.

AAhh represents abundance, UUhh represents intelligent and MMmm represents power. When making the AUM sound, each sound has to be equal and balanced.

How to project the energy when making the AUM sound for the mantra

When making the AAhh sound, you focus on the energy around the navel and allowing this energy to spread right across the body.

When making the UUhh sound, the energy goes upward, from the ribcage spreading upwards.

And the MMmm sound, project the energy from the throat, spreading to the upper body.

OM Meditation with Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer, the inspirational renown speaker also uses and develop the audio cd and audio book where he uses the OM, AH and HMM Shalom sound of gratitude, give thanks and manifestation of thoughts.

The Meaning of AUM

The sound of AUM is like home. Its where home or inner true self lives. The OM Meditation helps us connect to the inner true self within us.

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