What You Focus On Will Expand

What you focus or put your mind to, it will expand. What does this phrase mean?

It basically translates to what you put your mind to, think about, mull over and over again, will expand or grow. That is the power of the mind.

Many people are not aware of the power they have within themselves and usually look outside of their own being to get something they want. They are influenced by the traditional thinking that they were brought up with and the advertisements that they see around them.

This article explains to you what you can really do with your mind, when you believe and put your focus on it.


Many people search for love in the external world. Love always begins within. It is essential to love yourself before you learn to love others and attract love to your life. You were born love and it is important to remind yourself how to love yourself. Love within yourself will help your mind attract the love that you were born for and rightfully deserve.

There are people who look for love and could never find love. Why? Do you feel that you are not worthy of a person to love you and to look after you? Or are you always expecting Mr. or Ms. Perfect. Remember love within itself is perfect and you need to accept and embrace loving yourself and your partner and people who love you will follow suit.

Remember, what you focus on will expand. Focus on loving yourself, and loving the people around you, the love within and around you will expand. This in return will help attract the love of your life who will love you forever. This is how the universal law works and always have been and always will.

There are some people who always look for love and yet what they found always disappoints them. Why is that so? Dig deep within and see what is actually causing this? Do you or your parents have any issue with their relationship that leaves a hidden scar within? Do you always tell yourself, I must remember not to have the same issue I see?

Remember that the negate word of NOT TO HAVE is irrelevant as your subconscious mind will still focus on the same issue instead of the not to have.


How is your health? How are you creating the reality of your body condition with your powerful mind? Do you know that the condition of your body, spirit and soul are basically created by your subconscious mind?

Again, what you focus on will expand. How do you focus your body to react towards the condition around you.

Have you seen people who fall sick whenever there is a change of weather? Do you see people falling sick because the people around them are sick? Do you know that your subconscious mind have been trained to believe that the weather, the germs that is surrounding you are creating the sickness that you have.

Do not underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. You have the power to control your body and mind, do it! Tell your body and mind how do you want to feel. You will feel perfectly healthy if you remind yourself that the health of your body and mind is and can be controlled by your own powerful mind.

Have you ever see people around you cough and you start to have an itch in the throat when you think that these people are contagious and you are going to be sick just surrounded by this people? Eventually, the power of your mind works and you fell sick because of what your mind has told and spoke to your body, not because of what is happening around you.

Be aware that you can control and cure any condition or disease you have when you believe that your mind is strong enough to manage and control your body and mind. Do not undermine your power. Stay strong and be healthy always, focus on that and believe and your body and mind will follow the flow of your subconscious and conscious mind.


Why do wealthy people become more wealthy and poor people become poorer? You hear people said that money makes money. Yes, it is true. It will only make money when you believe. Have you heard of how the people who win the lottery or lotto lose their winnings within a year and is in greater debt or condition prior to their winnings? Why is that so?

Yes, it is how the mind is conditioned in the person and the belief of the person. Regardless, of how much you have or have won, if your subconscious mind is still thinking like a poor person, you will eventually create that situation for yourself.

You may have won the big win, but if your mind is always reminded of how you were as a poor man and how you do not want to be poor. That is when the poverty mind set kicks in and create reality of your mind.

I am rich and I will always be wealthy and prosperous because for the sole reason that I deserve it and I was born rich and money will just come to me because it knows that I can create joy abundance for me and the people around me with the money I have.

I attract money like a strong magnet is attracted to metal. Money loves me and I love money for what I can create with it.

Create and focus on the wonderful actions and things that you could create with wealth and you will see your world filled with what your mind focus on.

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