Mending The Relationship

Is it worth saving? Do you want to mend the relationship with your partner? In a relationship, it is not about giving all of you, but it is about meeting each other half way and contributing your half to make a whole.

50-50% Partnership

You do not change everything about yourself to please your partner, nor your partner changes everything about him/herself to fit your ideal partner.

A good and healthy relationship is about giving and taking and continuously understanding and improving to meet at a comfortable level for both parties.

It is ok for both of you to own your individuality and yet when you come together as a couple, there must be some common understanding and passionate ground on why he/she completes you and why you complete him/her.

You can have your own career, abilities, interests, but agree on what both of you can give and spend time together on. Prioritize your family and home regardless of your differing career, abilities and interests.

Do you want to bring back the sparks in your relationship?

Spark up your relationship

Place Yourself In Your Partners’ Shoes

If he/she is who you want to be, understand your partner by seeing his views and thoughts about what matters to both of you. Come to a conclusion of where both of you can accept and allow for the relationship to flourish.

Forgive Each Other

With better understanding of each other more, you are able to understand the other and forgive when faulted and know when to ask for forgiveness when you cause the fault. Forgiveness and understanding is a good channel to unlimited flow of love, peace and passion in any good relationship.

Each one of us is perfect in our own ways and we may have our own flaws and faults and thus, it is good to forgive and let go of any negative emotions or feelings of the other, when forgiveness and love is seeked and asked.

Act On Issues Immediately

If you know or sense of any issues or problems arising in your relationship, act upon it immediately. Work things out, meet half way or see what is the best solution to help you move towards closer and happy partnership as a couple.

Listen to your partner, understand his/her position, it helps if you are able to see the issue from your partner’s point of view too. Allow yourself to share how the issue is affecting you. Work on a solution that is best for both of you.

Give each other space and time to heal, when required. When you establish the common platform of coming together for the enhancement of you as an individual and the victory of love and peace as a couple, it is easier to heal and be together, as happy couple.

Remember, with issues, when you love each other and makes love the center of your partnership, you are able to learn through issues face and resolved, as a couple and continue to grow as a couple. When you place love ahead all things, it is easier living as a couple and being happy.

Love Meditation for Couple

But, what happens if you are not able to continue with this partnership anymore? Is it time to let go? Before you do … learn

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