Hypnosis Vs Hypnotherapy

Learn the difference between hypnosis vs hypnotherapy.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state when you are in deep state of relaxation.  Zoning out when you commute or drive your usual route. attention drawn into what you are listening or watching like music or a show, you are in a trance state.

When in trance, one is very focused and is prone to suggestions, like when you are in the trance while watching movie.  Movies move us leave us feeling like we are in the show.

When kids or adults access their mobile phone, playing the games, wanting to score or go to the next level as they are so into the game.

When placed in hypnotic state during hypnotherapy session, one can access past information of memory, experience, feeling or even talents or hurt in the past.  By accessing this information stored in our subsconscious mind, we can improve or correct any hurt, condition or habit to our physical, mental and spiritual healing.

 Hypnosis is a state and hypnotherapy is how one uses this state for practices to heal or help our subconscious mind in our life.  When in hypnotic state, hypnotherapy can be used to solve mental and health issues.

When in Hypnotic or Trance, the following action can be seen in the person:

  • Breathing slow down
  • Muscle tone down
  • Eyeballs rolled up
  • Throat dry up
  • Eyes watering
  • Involuntarily twitching of hands or legs

When in our usual condition, we are usually in an alpha mode.  When put into hypnotic mode, we will reach our theta state, where lesser activities are happening in our mind, helping us to better access the storage file in our mind.  And when sleeping, we are usually in our delta mode.  Most hypnosis or hypnotherapy happens when one is in the theta mode.  So, 99% of the time, we remember what was said or happen during hypnotic state.

If however, during the hypnotic session you enter into in between theta and delta or delta mode, you may not be able to remember what you said or done during the session.  The only person who was able to access super power subconscious and akashic reading when in between theta and delta is the amazing Mr Edgar Cayce, who was also known as The Sleeping Prophet or The Sleeping Psychic.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the practice and use of hypnosis state to suggest to the subconscious mind of the hypnotised person to help them fix or change certain behaviour of the person.

Hypnotherapy sessions can be used by health care practitioners or hypnotists to help people:

  • Remove unwanted behaviour or habit
  • Uncover and treat the root of health issues like pain, depression, anxiety, addictions, dermatological conditions and etc.

So, hypnosis is a state we are put into and hypnotherapy is the action or therapy process used to help us correct or improve our health and mental state from a specific issue.



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