The 5 Dimensions of The Body

There are 5 dimensions of the body according to the pancha koshas.  They are mainly the physical body, the energy body, the mind body, the higher mind body and the bliss body.  Healing of the body, mind and soul can be intervened and carried out through any of these dimensions of the body when the client allow and is ready for healing.

The doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, health care professionals, masseues are people who help us take care of our body on the physical level.

The energy healers like reiki healer, qi qong masters and numerologists are people who help us take care of our body on the energy level.

The hypnotists, akashic readers, pshycis, mediums are people who can help us mediate through our mind body.

And mainly the higher mind and bliss are usually through mediation from the higher consciousness and that can also happen through meditation and prayers to God, Higher Being and The Divine.

When the body, mind and soul is ready for healing, the healer or teacher will appear.  Check out more information on meditation, energy healing, hypnotherapy, akashic reading and numerology.

Important Note:  The healing can happen when the soul believes, so regardless of any of the dimensions, healing can still take place when the client believes in his/her recovery.

The 5 Dimensions Of The Body

5 Dimensions of The Body

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