The Hypnosis Process

Discover the simple method of The Hypnosis Process.

The Hypnosis Process

Induction is a process of bringing a person into a very relaxed mode where he/she can access the mind to improve their physical and mental being.

The Reverse Action

  • Reverse count to deep sleep eg counting from 5 to 1 and you will go into deeper relaxation mode
  • Reverse action of stating that your eyes are now relaxed and very heavy and you are not able to open them even if you try

The Deepeners – going deeper into relaxed mode

  • Rapid Reaction – to confused a person via focusing on a certain object and opening and closing of the eye
  • Progressive Relaxation – to relax the different part of the body from bottom to top or top to bottom, body feeling relaxed and going deeper into relaxation mode
  • Staircase Count – to go up or down staircase with 30-50 steps counting the steps till they reach a place of total relaxation of lights or garden

The Auto Suggestion

The script or the suggestion that you want to implant into the mind, preferably to use the client’s own language – I am so free like the eagle in the sky, I am so happy like the children in the playground or like the beautiful and happy people dancing freely and merrily, I am so confident like the winning president and etc.  The simpler the script the better and more effective it will be, though not necessarily.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

You are in deep sleep but when you wake up you will still continue to feel very calm.  When you take such relaxed and deep breath, remember how calm and confident you are.

The integration and waking up process have to take place to ensure that the person hypnotized is back and wide awake.

The Integration

To ensure that all of the energies, personalities, spiritual and physical bodies are integrated into one when they return.

The Proper Waking Up from Hypnosis Process

This is the process to wake the person up from the hypnotic state.  When I count from 5 to 1 or from 10 to 1, you will slowly be aware of the environment around you and 1, you are back and wide awake.



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