Soul Diva

The divine soul of the diva started many many years back.  The past, present and the unlimited possibilities of her future, all recorded in her akashic record.  In every life, the memory of past are being erased so new growth and learning can be built on the many lives that she had lived.

Today, the discovery of her divination soul are being unearthed through a few timely incidents placed for her by the universe.  The learnings and miraculous heal of the meditation, the interesting revelation of her past lifes through meditation and hypnosis.  The interest in numbers and life and destiny path number through numerology and her discovery of her soul number , recovery of energy and energy healing through chakra meditation, reiki healing, akashic and qi gong energy healing for the soul journey of this current life.

Many psychic power, premonition, intuition and highly enhanced sensory power like smell and intuition led soul diva to her spiritual journey of divine.  Many failures and challenges in the material world have also pushed her back to this spiritual journey to heal and to embrace her power of healing

All these interesting revelation of the ever living soul through many teachers and highly awakened spiritual beings in this physical beings.  Among these interesting teachers like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Will Smith, Jack Canfield, Jim Carrey, Anita Moorjani, Dr Eben Alexander, Esther Jerry Abraham Hicks, Afterlife TV, Nancy Canning, Dolores, and mainly Edgar Cayce’s interesting psychic abilities and revelation through the current teachers like Kevin Todeshi, John Van Auken, Peter Woodbury and many more.

Kevin Todeshi who is also the CEO/President of Edgar Cayce ARE organisation in the Kentucky Virginia Beach, shared about dream.

The dream revealed many messages and secret for the soul.  One of which was the angry caat which meant the revelation of the feminine divine soul, the awakening of the feminine spiritual being.  Why were you born a woman in this life?  a question that was asked by Nancy in one of her past life regression for the soul diva.  The response felt weird and out of place at that point of time.  To be loved!  But, once the chapters are being unearthed, each weird episode make so much sense when place as one.  Its like placing the missing pieces in a big jigsaw puzzle of the soull!

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